How to enroll into Harvard?

Every year, out of the candidates who normally seek admission to Harvard, only 7% get enrolled to the school. It is, therefore, significant for students to understand how to get successful enrollment to Harvard University. In order for students to be enrolled to Harvard, they need to be aware of some vital considerations. First, students need excellence in academic work. Students are expected to achieve best academic results and if possible to have a 4.0 GPA from reputable high schools. The GPA should be consistent throughout the period of high school, and not just in one term. Students should have transcripts that show that they seriously challenged themselves (illustrating numerous AP courses, publications and academic results, independent scientific research and preferred university courses as well).

Secondly, students need to obtain requirements of the College

Board hurdle. In this case, they need to more than a 15550 of their combined Board scores. Thirdly, they need to write certain creative and thoughtful essays to respond to the questions of the Harvard application. Students also should be prepared for an interview that is normally held by local alumnus of Harvard. Fourth, students should have a passion for participating in creative arts, extra-curriculum activities and other related interests. Those who have won international competition or award have a greater chance.

Fifth, it would be vital for students to participate in leadership roles in some recognized companies, corporations, law firms or other recognized organizations during their summer holidays. Students can participate in such roles through internship and volunteering programs. They can also conduct scientific research and link them with their academic interests. Lastly, athlete helps students to get enrolled in Harvard. A serious athlete scholar has a bigger chance to obtain admission to Harvard. However, it is difficult to get a serious athlete who is a serious scholar altogether as it needs total commitment and focus. This does not exclude other important other extra-curriculum activities. Participating in games like football, volleyball and other creative activities while maintaining high academic records is quite remarkable.

If students do well in these important areas, then they will have 30%-50% higher chances of being enrolled to Harvard. Many students with qualified applications have not been successful to get admission to Harvard because of ignoring other minor details considered by the school. Students should, therefore, be prudent when handling whatever they do.